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Smart Wiring

We've all heard about "smart homes" and "connected devices", well smart wiring is the backbone of your home's internet, TV and streaming systems


Let's get connected

The internet enters your home via a cable, so it makes sense to continue this hardwired connection around the home to high demand devices. Streaming your favourite TV show won't be hindered by the dreaded buffer wheel and your WiFi will remain fast and free for phones and tablets.

Structured, distributed data cabling provides flexibility and power.

Can't we do it wirelessly?

We all know just how important good WiFi is… what about damn good WiFi? EAV's team will design and install wireless systems that provide fast, full coverage of your home and property. Seamless signal wherever you are for easy access and trouble-free surfing.

No more going to a certain room of the house to find the WiFi sweet spot!

Get in touch with your trusted network technicians at EAV today to get started on your Smart Home!