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Smart Home

As technology advances, so do our homes!  A smart home puts control in your hands.  EAV's team of professionals are your one stop shop for all your home automation needs.


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Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lighting provides you ultimate flexibility.  With an intelligent lighting system installed by EAV, you have the power to turn lights on and off anywhere in the home from anywhere in the home.

We give you the ability to control your lighting from any smart device. Putting control back in your hands and providing flexibility.  Whether it's setting mood lighting, landscape lighting by the pool or turning off all lights when the day is done, we ensure this integral part of home automation is seamlessly integrated and energy efficient.

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Touch Control

Set the mood with a dedicated touchscreen!  This puts you in control.  You can create the mood with lighting, adjust audio or control the blinds all with the touch of the finger.

EAV will make installation a simple, seamless part of your smart home.

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Home Automation

Your home automation allows you to easily take control of your motorised blinds, air conditioning, automatic gates, garage door and even the pool.

Home automation encompasses so much more than lighting!  Get in touch with the team of professional electricians at EAV to chat about what we can do to create the perfect smart home for you.