What you need to know

At the core of every home is its electrical system, and every piece of technology you use relies on it. Whether that’s intelligent lighting showcasing your home or smart wiring to run your tech, you need a well-designed and competently installed electrical network. And at EAV, that’s what we’re all about!

New Build

Our electrical new build service does it all – from design to installation, testing and certification. We take care of every aspect of your wiring, power points, lighting and switchboards. Your new home will be both energy-efficient and fully compliant. It will meet all your current lifestyle needs and yet be versatile enough to take future technology upgrades in its stride.



At EAV, we don't just renovate homes; we revolutionise them. With a blend of expertise and innovation, we turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary smart homes, where convenience, efficiency, and style converge seamlessly. Are you ready to elevate your living experience?



Keeping your home’s electrical system working optimally requires preventative maintenance. When we install any type of system, we explain its servicing requirements and how we can help keep everything in top notch order. However, sometimes there’s a problem that needs fixing. We don’t install systems and just leave you to it, we also jump in and solve issues, getting you back up and running quicker than the All Blacks can trounce the Aussies.


The Technology

Technology is changing so fast it’s difficult for most of us to keep up. Most recently we’ve seen the arrival of voice command systems like Alexa and Google Home. Cars already tell their mechanics what’s wrong with them and soon our fridges will tell us what groceries are running low.
Already, you can come home to a warm house with heaters on, curtains or blinds drawn, and music wafting through each room.
Lights can be turned up or down at the touch of a button or a voice command.

The home theatre system can automatically play your favourite show when it’s time to relax while your electric car is charging in its electronically controlled garage.
Outside, lights can turn on when they sense someone is nearby or light up as you move along the path. The pool can glow a gorgeous blue when guests visit and your favourite bands can gently serenade you from hidden speakers as you sip cocktails in the outdoor dining area.

From pizza ovens to fancy BBQs, Kiwis enjoy an unparalleled outdoor lifestyle, made possible by techology.
But not just any off-the-shelf technology. In order for different devices to talk to each other and to listen to you, you need high quality, fit-for-purpose components that will create a truly connected home. EAV recommends and installs only the best brands that we know will give you outstanding performance now and for years to come.  
If a lifestyle like this is your dream – turn it into reality with EAV.

The Technology

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"Matt always answered his phone when we had a question and was quick when we needed something in a hurry which was really important in such a high pressure environment. The whole team was easy to deal with and you can tell they love what they do, they made a stressful environment a much more enjoyable place. EAV are a great team and we can’t thank them enough. We highly recommend Matt and the guys and look forward to working with them again."
James & Maree Steele
"EAV did an outstanding job on our house renovation. We have been very impressed with their work.
Matt and his team were professional, knowledgeable and kept us informed every step of the way. They arrive in a timely fashion, are dependable and perform tasks with efficiency.
We would recommend them to anyone for any job large or small."
Greg & Helen Armstrong
"Matt and the guys at EAV have just finished wiring our new home - full lighting, security, audio, data and automation. I can’t recommend them highly enough.
They provided great advice and recommendations throughout, their work and attention to detail is brilliant and the end result is sensational, because they always went above and beyond. Looking forward to working with them again on the next project!"
Ben Crawford
"Fantastic Service! We recently used EAV to install some lighting, alarm system & TV aerial. Their team couldn't be faulted. The guys took great care ensuring our home was well protected before cutting any holes, even vacuuming up after themselves.
It was a big day & the guys had no problem sticking it out until after 6pm to get the job completed, which was greatly appreciated. We will certainly be using them again in the future."
Adam & Claire Honeycomb
"I highly recommend EAV. They provide an amazing service, with extensive knowledge, innovation, expertise and a "can do" attitude. Their work is neat and tidy, there communication between each other and us as the client was excellent.
The team that I have dealt with are all extremely friendly whilst also being professional.  Matt you have a great business going!"
Rob & Helen Bird
"Matt from EAV was very helpful coming out to quote on some electrical, data and AV cabling I needed in my home, he promptly organized technicians to come out and do the work, no hassles at all and I have used them again for exterior lighting. Highly recommended"
Karl Thomson
"EAV designed, recommended and installed a new Control4 system, including TVs, gate access control and alarm for our existing home. We are thrilled with the outcome.
They completed the work in an efficient and friendly manner including instruction on the ease of use of the new remotes. We have no hesitation in recommending them as an innovative and professional organisation to deal with."
Lindsay Gillanders
"Fantastic electricians, they arrived on time, were great communicators, did a great job and even cleaned up too. Great service EAV."
Rachael Speedy
"Matt and his EAV team completed all of the electrical work during our house renovations.
They are knowledgeable, attentive to detail, reliable, friendly, and helpful."
Amanda Styris
"We've used EAV for 3 years and have always had great service from them. Great at communicating and delivering what they promise."
Katie Pidgeon
"Very personal service, we’re very early in the process with them at the moment but I’ve been very impressed with my dealings with Matt. I really like the detailed plans and has really helped to visualise our new build."
Alice Green