Wiring In The Wireless Era

We’re often asked why we still rely on wiring when we design and create a smart house. Many people believe that this is a wireless era and they wonder if the cabling we use is required at all. It is. Smart wiring is the backbone of home automation technology. Without a well-designed wiring system, a smart home would not be very smart at all.  

Here’s one reason why cabling is as necessary as ever. Smart home technology relies on Wi-Fi. Yet Wi-Fi frequency is too high to travel through lots of walls and floors effectively. So, to have the standard of Wi-Fi you require through your home, you need several transmitters wired back to a central point. This is how Wi-Fi is provided in commercial buildings, offices and hotels and the same principle applies in smart homes

Villas, bungalows and other older style homes are renowned for having issues with Wi-Fi penetration because of the density of traditional wall coverings. Meanwhile, multi-story houses, and L-shaped or H-shaped homes regularly have Wi-FI dead spots and buffering issues because of the shape and size of the house. And let’s not forget that many modern homes constructed from steel, glass and concrete can also experience issues because those materials are not conducive to effective Wi-Fi penetration. 

A well-designed and expertly-installed cabling system overcomes those potential issues. The wiring sits behind the walls and ensures reliable audio and video streaming. At EAV, we design cabling systems to meet not just your current requirements, but to meet future needs as well. That includes having the right cabling in the right locations, particularly in architecturally designed homes or those that have a limited or no ability to run cables in the future. The correct cabling for your situation might include cat6 (copper data cable), shielded coaxial cable for TV and satellite signals or optical fibre from the street into your home. High demand devices can be connected to the network by cable, which will leave Wi-Fi free for portable devices that need it. 

So yes, structured cabling is essential in creating the smart home of your dreams and giving you the standard of Wi-Fi you need. For smart wiring done by experts, contact us and we’ll discuss your requirements, and come up with a design and installation plan that perfectly meets your needs, your situation, your property and your desires.

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