Why Your Smart Home Is Good For The Environment

When people ask the automation specialists at EAV to manage their smart home installation in Auckland, they do so with a range of obvious benefits in mind: convenience, security, entertainment, simplicity, increased energy efficiency, and maybe a small degree of prestige, just to name just a few. But one of the biggest advantages of investing in smart home technology is that it is good for the environment in any number of ways. 

A lot of research has been done in recent months to look at the environmental impact of home automation, and as far as carbon footprints go, the initial findings are very encouraging. One study estimated that an average household with four occupants emits 543 kilograms of carbon dioxide (kgCO) every year. On the other hand, the same number of occupants in the average smart home - not that there’s anything average about a smart home! - emits 473 kgCO. A difference of 70 kgCO every year is hugely significant, and when you consider how many smart homes are now being built, the cumulative positive impact could be transformative on a global level. 

Smart heating and lighting are two of the biggest factors in creating an eco-friendly environment. The US Environmental Protection Agency has stated that the use of a smart thermostat can cut electricity usage by up to 30%. Meanwhile, studies reveal that 17% of the world’s carbon footprint is caused by lighting. With smarter heating and lighting in our homes, we can dramatically reduce our impact on the planet and, at the same time, enjoy extra energy efficiency and convenience. And let’s not forget the lower power bills, yet another reason why many people invest in home automation in the first place. 

Smart home technology can make a difference outside as well. Data from recent research showed that water consumption can be reduced by 35% when an automated irrigation system is installed. The convenience factor is important here too: not many of the people we know enjoy watering their garden!

In general terms, a smart home runs far more efficiently than a traditional one. Consider too that smart home technology will continue to get even smarter, and further reduce the impact we have on our environment. As far as Mother Nature is concerned, a smart home is certainly a friendly one, and we can help create that perfect place for you. To discuss all the benefits of smart home technology, including environmental ones, contact EAV.

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