Why the time is here to add smart home technology

Smart home technology is no longer a futuristic concept. It is here and it is now. The best smart home devices simply make life easier because you no longer need to get up to dim the lights, turn on music, or even change the temperature. Instead, they automate your home and allow you to create the perfect atmosphere with just a tap of your smartphone. This means no more wasting energy (and money) by forgetting to turn off the lights or heating before leaving the house, you can control all aspects remotely. It is perhaps the biggest lifestyle change you can make, technology-wise.  

Besides independent control, smart home devices can also be configured to work together, so you don't need to open a host of apps to control your devices. Instead, commanding one of the best smart displays or smart speakers ensures that they all activate at the same time. Control4 is the backbone of our home automation systems, giving you programmable keypads, touchscreens, sensors and unified remotes to control every aspect of your home. 

If you are just starting your smart home journey, a virtual assistant, smart lights, smart plugs and smart locks are a great place to start. Affordable and easy-to-use devices are the perfect choice. Providing you with total control, our professional automation team is your one-stop shop for all your home automation needs in Auckland.   

Technological progress seems to be faster than you can keep up with, especially in home automation. Through our integration for your family, you can easily simplify family management through your smartphone from anywhere in the world.  

When you turn your home into a smart home, you have the opportunity to live a stress-free luxury life. Entertaining friends and family will be more enjoyable, and the daily life of home management will be easier. Take your home in Auckland to the next level with EAV and integrate everything from your Alexa to your home theater system, from garage doors to your lights, onto a platform that communicates and listens to your commands without error or lag. Contact EAV and turn your dream lifestyle into a reality where home and technology work together. 

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