Where Did Home Automation Come From? A Brief History

For most millennials, a home without some form of automation may be a foreign concept. From remote controlled gates to clapper lights, this generation grew up exposed to a fair amount of technology in their homes and schools. However, even for those from older generations, it can seem difficult to trace when society became so technologically advanced. 

Some people say it feels like it’s happened in the blink of an eye, because of the rapid pace of progress. However, home automation as we know it today has some deep roots. In this blog, we take a peek into the past to rediscover some of the advancements that have led to the modern home. Who said time machines don’t exist? All you have to do is switch on your imagination while reading this blog. Enjoy!

Nikola Tesla Introduces The Remote Control Device

The Tesla name was at the forefront of technological and scientific advancement for centuries. One of the earliest commercial devices created by this genius was the remote control device, which translates radio waves into instructions for other devices in the home. From the TV set to the air conditioning system, nothing is out of reach.

The Emergence Of Home Appliances In The 20th Century

Laundry and dishes were chores that were done by hand for a very long time. Throughout the 1900s, a number of inventors introduced various domestic appliances into the market. They completed the work faster, improved communication and made living more convenient for people across the globe. From dishwashers to electric kettles, a home automation revolution was on the rise.

A Decline In The Cost Of Home Electronics Due To The Microprocessor

At first, home appliances were too expensive for most households. However, central processing changed this, allowing manufacturers to increase the supply and reduce the cost.

The Rise Of The Internet

The integration of electronics and Internet connection began in the 1990s and plays a major role in home automation as it currently stands. Not only has it changed how we communicate with each other, but it has also changed how we communicate with devices and appliances.

Home Automation In 2019

As a result of all these historical milestones, there’s no limit to the level of comfort, convenience and safety that the smart home can provide in this day and age. Home automation systems now act as extra eyes, ears, limbs and minds in running the modern household. If you want to spend more of your time doing important stuff, like spending quality time with loved ones, home automation is a great time-saving solution. Contact EAV to learn more.

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