Smart Houses: What to Expect In Future

Modernised, technologically connected lifestyles have become ingrained in our society. At work, at school, the gym, and home, the connection between where we are and what we use to operate in our world is becoming increasingly more intricate; and our homes are now transforming into hubs that make life easier, more convenient and more connected to every other part of our lifestyles, activities and interests. While the world is becoming quite comfortable with voice recognition operated smart AI such as Alexa or Google’s Home Assistant, we have a massive untapped amount of potential for home automation in the coming years. Meant to create and continuously further streamline our digital lives with our physical ones, the future of homes holds promise for increasingly more advanced and exciting features. Here are a few new developments, such as smart wiring, that you can expect in your home in the coming years:

1) Smart Kitchens

One of the main features of a smart home in the future will be an automated kitchen that practically runs itself. While a few appliance manufacturers have already dabbled with creating smart fridges that you can order your groceries from, a kitchen of the future will act like the butler you wish you could have. Every aspect of your life, including preferences like how you like your coffee, exactly how much your bread should be toasted, the perfect cereal-to-milk ratio for you, is stored under your personal profile. Whenever you wake up, your smart home starts preparing your coffee, getting your breakfast ready and ensuring that the fridge and cupboards are never out of stock by ordering delivery of groceries according to the schedule you set for it. 

2) Personalised Security Control

When asked what they would most like to upgrade their houses with, participants of a GSK survey mentioned direct control of their home’s security systems as secondary to getting a smart home upgrade. People have an innate need and desire to control the elements of their lives, and smart technology is bringing us to a level of personalised control beyond what we’d have imagined a few years ago. An intelligent security system will allow you to view your house and any of the rooms inside it from your phone or tablet, even if you’re on the other side of the planet. Smart controls wired and allow you to lock and unlock doors, switch lights, air conditioning and other electrical appliances on or off, wherever you are. While we have always trusted neighbourhood watch and security companies to safeguard our homes, soon we will have absolute certainty that everything is fine at home when we’re not there. 

3) Your Home Becomes Your Personal Assistant

Plans for the future of smart homes make our current houses look incredibly primitive. The homes of the future will get to know you as a person, understand your routines, music playlist preferences, what temperature you like your room to be, and also organise your day-to-day appointments by reminding you of meetings and updating the time the morning alarm goes off if you need to be somewhere earlier than usual. Your home will mainly be ready to serve you when you want, in the exact way you want it. 

Smart wiring your home is a trendy development at the moment and with so many new features to look forward to, we encourage people to keep up with these changes and enjoy the convenience of having just all those little things we encounter in life work better and without effort. 

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