We'll Remove That Nagging Holiday Doubt

Holiday season is fast approaching and you want to go away with your family without a care in the world. You should be able to sit by the pool, or on the beach, and put the brain into neutral for a while. But if your home security isn’t all it could be, then your brain will be working overtime with nagging doubts. What’s meant to be a time of fun and relaxation will become one of uncertainty and stress as you wonder if everything is safe and secure at home. We can change that mindset for you.

We’re pioneers in smart security technology in Auckland homes. When we install security solutions we also create peace of mind for our clients because we take home security up to a whole new level. This might include what we call the backbone of a great home security system: an alarm. But not an alarm from yesteryear. We’re talking about one which can integrate smoke alarms, gate or door access control, property perimeter beams and CCTV cameras.

Specific security features could consist of an integrated access control which does away with keys and uses electronic locking devices instead. Unique access codes can be given to selected family or friends, but no one else, while our biometric fingerprint scanners go one step further by eliminating the need for codes altogether. Plus, this control can monitor everyone coming and going from your home. 

Smart security cameras are another example of the leaps and bounds our technology has taken from conventional and outdated devices. Smart cameras connected to the internet allow them to be viewed and controlled remotely using a smartphone app, with local or cloud storage options available for your recordings.

One final example is our Control4 smart lighting, which offers “Mockupancy” mode. This mode automatically turns your lights on and off based on previous actual usage, giving a realistic view from outside the home and making your home look occupied, even when you’re miles away. This is one of the most effective deterrents there is, and just one of the many benefits that smart lighting offers. 

Why worry? Go away on holiday knowing that everything you can do to keep your home secure is being done for you - and in the smartest possible way. It’s as simple as contacting us and discussing a comprehensive smart security solution with peace of mind built into it.   

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