Turn Your Smart Home Into A Smart Office

During the COVID-19 lockdown, many of us had to work from home - and nearly as many of us loved it. In fact, when the lockdown was over and we were given the all-clear to return to the office, a lot of us yelped: No way! I’m staying right here.

If you’ve been thinking about adopting smart home technology in your house for a while, and if you’re continuing to work from home, it’s a good time to finally invest in some smart devices. They’ll serve you just as well in an office setting as they will in a domestic one, and here are just a few examples.

The most obvious one is a smart speaker which, with work in mind, can become a digital PA by adding to your calendar, creating lists and reminders, calling clients, and so much more. It can also be used as an easy way to operate a large number of household appliances and devices which you’ll use throughout your work-at-home day.

If you’re in one workspace during the day, your comfort will be paramount to ensure you stay productive from the minute you clock in until the moment you knock off. Again, smart technology can help you. A smart thermostat can maintain a perfect temperature throughout the day, without you having to get up and down from your desk to control that constant comfort level. A smart thermostat can also detect when you leave your workplace and can adjust itself accordingly to make it a very energy-efficient investment.

Lighting is also important in any workplace - a study has shown that cortisol levels drop significantly under artificial or poor lighting conditions, and this has a big effect on productivity and an individual’s sense of well being. Smart lighting is the answer, as it has a variety of settings ranging from warm to cool, bright to more subdued. For example, brighter and bluer lights are known to make someone feel more energized and focused when productivity levels start to flag mid-afternoon. 

Finally, let’s talk about smart security. It’s likely that when you’re working at home you’ll be bringing expensive work-related technology into the house. It’s a fair bet to say this technology is the property of the company you work for and they’d be rather keen for you to take care of it. Same goes for the commercially sensitive documents you may need to store on your property. Smart security features like video surveillance, motion sensors and keypad or biometric entry are miles ahead of conventional security methods and will give you, your home, your workplace, and your family, greater protection than ever before.

As you would have worked out by now, this smart technology would be just as useful outside of office hours, and that’s why we see it as a multi-purpose investment, and even better value for money for that very reason. So, if you’re staying at home to work, give us a call . As leaders in smart home technology in Auckland, we can get you set up for business, and for pleasure. 

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