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Home automation in New Zealand has developed and evolved to such an extent that new features seem to be coming on stream every day. All this innovation can make the thought of a smart home a very exciting one for you. At the same time, with all the possibilities open to you, it can make it a little difficult to visualise how your home will look and operate once it’s all done. After all, there is just so much to consider.

We know how you feel. As leaders in creating New Zealand smart homes, we’ve been responsible for putting many of those ideas and innovations in place. To try and describe all of them in words is virtually impossible, yet we still want to give you a firm idea of what can be achieved in your smart home. So, on our website, we have a Case Studies page which shows you some of our previous projects. By checking out our smart home case studies in New Zealand, we hope you might get a clearer picture of how we can bring our expertise and experience to your place.

Our case studies will display what we’ve done right across the board: security, audio, visual, automation, smart wiring, CCTV and more. Importantly, it will show you that what we do isn’t limited to new builds. You’ll see beautiful character-filled villas that have also been smartened up, so to speak. The potential in any home, regardless of age, is boundless and we hope that is made clear on this page.

At the end of the day, our case studies page is not just about us showing off - having said that, we’re very proud of our work. We set the highest standards in every project, big or small, and we think that shines through on the page. But more importantly, we want to show you what can be done and the difference it can make to your home. You’ll have your own ideas, but perhaps some new ones will spring to mind once you check out each case study. Some of the things we’ve done are pretty inspiring, not to mention mind-blowing, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you want to incorporate them into your project.

Of course, what we do for you will be different from what we’ve done for everyone else. Each home is unique and we’ll treat your project as such. With that in mind, please contact us and let us know what your ideas are. We’re sure we can apply them to your home.

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