The Smarter Your Security, The Safer You Are

Crime statistics just released by the New Zealand police show that 73% of all crimes committed in 2020 were property-related, with 7 out of 10 burglaries being residential ones. We’re not surprised at that last statistic; business owners are far more likely to protect their premises with security systems than homeowners. Burglars know this and that is why there are far more residential burglaries.    

On the other hand, smart wiring your home for security reasons will deter burglars. Our cutting edge security installations like state of the art alarms, CCTV or access control take security to a whole new level and two studies we’ve seen in the last few weeks back that up.

Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice in New Jersey has recently completed some research that shows that there is an undeniable correlation between home alarms and residential burglary rates. The study found that break-ins consistently decreased in areas where smart alarm system installations had increased and credits these alarms with the reduction in burglaries and the overall crime rate.

Another study was conducted by the University of North Carolina and it was just as interesting. 83% of convicted burglars they surveyed said they attempted to determine whether a house had a smart alarm system and if it did, most would move on to an easier target. Meanwhile, 60% said security cameras are a major consideration as well.

These figures just go to show that security systems work. And in our opinion, the smarter your security, the safer you are. Conventional systems have been around for so long that professional criminals have had a lot of time to figure out how they work - and how to make them not work. Wired systems, for example, are relatively easy to deactivate and pose less of a challenge to an experienced burglar.

Smart security, on the other hand, is just that - smart. Smarter than your average crim, and designed to work at a higher level than orthodox systems. Something like an access control system is one of the best deterrents there is. Not only does it work superbly in its own right, but its mere presence suggests to a burglar that the rest of the security system is just as sophisticated, and that raises all sorts of red flags. High tech is high risk as far as a would-be intruder is concerned, and they’ll soon seek out softer targets.

Without a security system in your home, you’re one of those soft targets. Even with a traditional system, you’re still at risk. Only smart security will provide the peace of mind you deserve, and that is why a call to us will give you optimum property protection and reassurance.

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