The rise in voice-controlled home automation

Smart home technology refers to a set of devices or systems that connect to a common network and you can control independently using a remote control or voice control. For example, you can connect your home thermostat, speakers, TV, lighting, locks, and home appliances to your smart home network. You can control them from your smartphone, touch screen device and, thanks to the latest advances in voice recognition technology, with your voice. Voice-activated home automation is here.

When you compliment your life with modern technologies like voice-activated home automation, you not only optimise your home but your life as well. Given how busy most people's lives are today, everyone wants to be as productive as possible. What's better than a voice-controlled home automation system? Let's see why it's becoming so popular. 

The rise of voice-controlled home automation

Voice assistant technologies, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, have become the starting point for expanding voice control capabilities. People are using smart speakers as a new way to play music, get weather reports and more without needing a smartphone. All you have to do is learn some vocal commands and you will be able to access all the features and connected devices in your home.

If you want to keep your devices on top of the latest trends, you can also integrate them into your smart home system. Voice-controlled home automation means being able to connect all the smart devices in your home. When you’re lying in bed you can command that the lights are turned on and blinds are opened. It's not just about convenience. With voice automation, you have a better chance of controlling your home more sustainably. You can tell your smart speaker to dim or turn off the lights to save power. The same goes for air conditioning and heat pumps.

What EAV offer

Control4, the leading voice control platform, works directly with Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. Instead of controlling each device individually, you can combine controls and control a system that works in sync with a single command. Let's look at an example of what Control4 can do. 

It can interpret a command like "Hey Google, turn on dinner" by queuing up a party playlist, dimming the lights, and opening the front door, all at the sound of a simple command. It will also turn up the volume of the music and light the fireplace, if you wish, later in the evening. This gives homeowners the flexibility and level of control they want, whether they prefer to control devices individually with simple commands or as a network that works together. Integrating your home with Control4 home automation can create a personalised experience that adds convenience, comfort, savings and peace of mind with just a few voice commands or taps of the app. 

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