The 5 main benefits of a smart home

The future is here and it’s smart. The idea of a smart home can differ from house to house. With the variety of applications and systems available, a smart home can be anything you want it to be. To give you an idea of some of the best, we’ve put together a guide on the biggest benefits of incorporating a smart home into your life with EAV.

1. Central Control Hub

Having the latest technology in your home can often mean multiple remote controls, interfaces and apps to switch between which can not only be time-consuming but also frustrating and confusing to the less technically-abled of us. With Control4 as the backbone of our home automation systems, you can manage every aspect of your home from one central hub, giving you instant control.

2. Audio

Multiroom systems integrate with your audio channels and platforms providing designated sounds to each zone of your home. Play the Frozen soundtrack upstairs in the children’s bedroom, AC/DC whilst one of you is cooking and a podcast in the home office as you work - simultaneously. Control the music as all of your smart devices are turned into fully functional and customisable wireless remotes.

3. Visual

We all dream of having a home cinema to watch the newest blockbusters in the comfort of our own house, but why stop there? Whether it’s TV, movies or playing video games, options are now limitless with how you interact with entertainment on the screen. Our audio-visual systems can enhance watching or gaming on your TV, projector or handheld device. We can install 4K projectors, 150-inch screens, speakers, acoustic baffling and even tiered seating. All you need to bring is popcorn.

4. Improved home security

A smart home isn’t just about having the best audio and visual technology, it can be incredibly beneficial in terms of security. With access control, alarms and CCTV you’ll feel more secure than ever before. Rest assured that your home and family are protected with systems from EAV. Our alarms can be easily armed and disarmed via a keypad or wirelessly from your smartphone. Access control can help to keep unwanted visitors out by tracking who visits your home, and entry can be easily permitted or omitted. 

5. Futureproof your home

Our systems will either work with your current cabling or, if that’s not up to the task, upgrade and futureproof it. Technology is constantly growing and evolving. EAV don’t just provide you with modernity. We help to futureproof homes so your home will be at the cutting edge of technology for the foreseeable future. After all, the technological revolution has only just begun.

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