Take A Smart Approach To Heating Your Home This Year

For millions of people the world over, their investment in home automation is a simple but highly effective one. They ask smart home experts like us to install a smart thermostat. They’re really not interested in all of the other things that home automation technology can bring to them. They just want to come home to a warm home on a cold winter’s evening (or conversely, a cool home on a hot summer’s day). A smart thermostat is the best way to make that happen. So, if you’re contemplating the upcoming winter and want a more effective way to keep things cosy, we think you should give some serious thought to installing a smart thermostat at your place.

A recent study of people with smart thermostats in their home revealed five major benefits: 

  • Energy efficiency rated very highly with smart thermostat owners. The savings on both heating and cooling are reported to be substantial because a smart thermostat allows an HVAC device to adjust its output depending on where you are. No energy is wasted in heating or cooling while you’re out, yet that dream of coming home to a completely comfortable house can still be achieved. It’s a piece of cake to program a digital thermostat to go up a gear right before people are scheduled to come home, and this is reflected in significantly lower power bills.
  • Most smart thermostats let users track their energy usage, and this was another benefit that homeowners pointed out in the study. It meant they could build an energy profile that tells them how their energy usage has changed over time, how that might affect their energy costs in the future, and how they could adjust heating and cooling preferences to bring down energy costs even more. 
  • The story we love to tell about driving home on a cold winter’s night and stepping into a perfectly warm house has a happy ending with a smart thermostat. This is because you can control the unit remotely. Should the weather take an unexpected turn for the worse (or for the better) you can react accordingly and adjust the smart thermostat no matter where you are. Basically, while you can’t do anything about the weather, you’re always in control of the climate within your home.
  • A lot of people resist installing a smart thermostat (and many other home automation features for that matter) because they think it will be too hard to program, or too difficult to make adjustments to the heating and cooling modes to account for seasonal changes. But the homeowners in the study reported a different experience. They said it was easier to schedule heating and cooling usage through a smart thermostat than on the appliance itself. This is true of pretty much all home automation - it’s designed to make life easier in so many respects, and that includes its ease of operation. 
  • Pretty much everyone in the study said their smart thermostat was installed with very little disruption, if any at all. That’s where we come in! In the vast majority of cases, we can install a smart thermostat with an absolute minimum of fuss. 

If you want to take a smarter approach to heating your home this winter - and cooling your home next summer - contact us and discuss the undoubted benefits of installing a smart thermostat.

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