Still Have Concerns About Home Automation? Let's Talk

A major survey of 2000 respondents carried out by PC Mag revealed some very interesting statistics about consumer attitudes towards home automation. This is a subject we’re particularly interested in, and while there is an increasing demand from people wanting the smartest house in the street there are also concerns about smart home automation that we found very intriguing. According to the PC Mag survey, this is what daunts people about smart home technology and devices in the home: 

  • 40% rated privacy as their biggest concern
  • 35% were primarily concerned about the cost
  • 20% were worried about the installation process
  • 17% were unsure about choosing products
  • 12% were had concerns over how smart devices will interact with existing ones

These are all very reasonable points and if you can relate to one (or more than one of them) then we’d totally understand. But if you were to contact us - and we urge you to do so - then we could put your mind at ease on any of the concerns we’ve listed above.

Let’s look at privacy as an example. One of our highest priorities when it comes to home automation in NZ is to ensure our systems are as safe as possible. That includes installing the right equipment backed up by regular software and security upgrades. We’d go so far to say that our smart home technology gives you more security, safety and privacy than your other digital devices like smartphones and laptops, simply because of our support and advice, and ongoing improvements.

Cost is another issue that people raise, but we see home automation as more of an investment. In many respects, it will pay you back over and over again, particularly in the areas of lighting, heating, cooling and water. And when it comes to smart security technology - what price can you put on dramatically improving the protection of your family, your home and your business?

We can easily address all of the other concerns listed above. As pioneers in NZ smart home technology, we offer a streamlined installation process with minimal disruption, while we can advise you on which products will best suit your individual requirements. 

Smart home technology is designed to make living easy, and once we’ve installed it for you, you’ll quickly start enjoying the benefits and put all of those doubts aside. Our combination of experience, products and expertise will make sure of it - but for all that, we still invite you to contact us and discuss anything to do with home automation. We’ll give you the reassurance you deserve.

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