Smart Homes And The Future Of Ageing

Until recently, there was a belief that smart home automation was little more than a novel way to enjoy home entertainment by recreating the cinema experience. While it’s true that visual and audio systems are a huge part of what we do, more people now accept that smart home technology plays an important role in enhancing our lifestyles in other ways: security, lighting, and heating being just a few of them.

At EAV, we believe smart home automation also has a big part to play in enhancing the quality of life of older adults. This is something we’ve discussed before, and it seems we’re not alone in feeling this way. Penn State University in Pennsylvania, one of the most prestigious colleges in America, has just held a symposium with the rather grand title of: “The Future of Aging: Smart Home Technology, Healthcare, Research, and Practice”. In more simple terms, experts from the public and private sectors assembled at Penn State to share their thoughts and ideas on innovations that could enrich the lives of senior citizens, as well as individuals with disabilities. 

New Zealand and Pennsylvania have one big thing in common. Our ageing populations are growing rapidly. Because of this, if people can stay in their own homes longer, this will significantly ease the pressure on existing facilities that cater to older adults and people living with disabilities. Penn State calls it “ageing in place”, where the application of smart-technology helps older adults and individuals with disabilities maintain or improve their health, as well as their quality of life. One way to do this is to make homes and buildings more accessible and sustainable through smart technology. 

Some ideas discussed at the symposium included recent smart home research which lets people stay in their own homes longer by creating electronic sensors and interactive devices that help caregivers, family members and homeowners monitor the health and status of older adults remotely. Other options that were also investigated include home health care, energy sustainability, and the residents quality of life through optimizing technological solutions.

We’ve long said that smart home automation has a big role to play in allowing older adults to stay at home longer, and enjoy life in a more secure and safer environment. This technology also gives family members and other stakeholders assurance that everything is OK with their loved ones. The symposium in Pennsylvania simply strengthens our resolve to install home automation technology that enriches as well as entertains. 

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