Smart Home Trends: What They Mean To You

If you’re dreaming of living in a smart home in Auckland, you’re not the only one. Home automation is on the minds of millions of New Zealanders, as well as people all over the world. Statistics website Statista states that 175 million households around the world currently use smart home technology. By 2024, they predict that number will rise to 375 million. There’s no doubt about it; home automation in Auckland, in New Zealand, and around the world, is trending upwards.

The use of smart devices will explode too. By 2023, it is predicted that the average middle-class home will have more than 20 devices capable of talking to the cloud and to each other, and capable of being activated by your voice. 

What does this mean for you as someone considering blending home automation into your new build, or renovation? For a start, there will be more and more companies offering smart home installation. How many of those companies actually specialise in home automation is anyone’s guess. But you can be sure that businesses will try and cash in on the increased popularity of smart home technology, and this is where you need to be selective in choosing the right people to design, install and provide ongoing support. Not everyone offers the same amount of specialist skills and knowledge required to provide a seamless solution. Not  everyone can bring a range of devices together into an integrated whole, where their operation is simplified and centralised. And not everyone belongs to industry organisations which set the highest standards for their members to follow. For example, we’re members of CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) and Master Electricians NZ. This means we are heavily invested in the respective industries, value the ongoing training of our staff, and committed to certain standards which guarantee exceptional outcomes for our clients.

To help you during the selection process, ask to see examples of previous work. Companies with a proud track record will happily share case studies with you. Check their website for testimonials; a long list of satisfied customers will give you a strong indication of how good they are. Ask them what sort of process they’ll follow - any home automation specialist worth their salt will be able to provide you with a detailed plan of how they operate, from the initial exploration phase, through to design, installation and, crucially, support. You need a company who can provide you with full training on using the technology, who will carry out regular maintenance, and who will be there to respond to any service inquiries.      

Sooner than we think, smart home technology will be almost standard. But there’s nothing ordinary about that evolving technology. Specialist skills and knowledge will be required to make your smart home in Auckland a reality. EAV has the skills and knowledge you need and we’d be happy to give you further advice about how to make that transition a dream one. Contact us at any time.

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