Smart Home Trends In 2021

At this time every year, we all look ahead at what’s to come. Call it trend-spotting if you like, but it’s something of a ritual as we begin a new year. In our case, as pioneers in home automation in NZ, looking at smart home trends for 2021 is what we’re doing right now and we thought we’d share some of them with you.

The first thing we can expect to see this year is a growing acceptance of smart technology as a way to increase home security. Not everyone desires a fully automated home or sees the need for the latest in audio and video streaming, but all of us want to live in a more secure home that will better protect our families. This is why an increasing number of people will turn towards smart security options such as integrated access systems, featuring audio and video intercom and biometric scanners, which will replace keys and keep unwanted visitors out. In the same vein, we can expect to see more CCTV used in residential settings and not just commercial ones.

Smart lighting should continue to evolve in 2021 if the predictions we’re seeing are an accurate guide. Lighting will be used not just to illuminate a space but to create a mood and set a certain ambience. More people will choose lighting that can energize them in the morning, help them stay focused while they work at home, and allow them to relax towards the end of the day. Look too for the increased use of lighting to enhance home entertainment; e.g lighting that operates in sync with music, movies and video games. 

Home zoning is considered to be one of the “next big things”, where smart rooms are created instead of smart homes. This means automation is designed and installed in specific zones, which makes it a more affordable proposition and greatly simplifies and streamlines the set-up process. 

Something that will delight those who have aesthetics as a priority is the continued development of decor-friendly smart hubs, interfaces, door locks and more. There are already smart home gadgets that combine functionality with style but look for an even greater emphasis on visual appeal in 2021. 

Finally, 2021 might be the year when the Internet of Things matures, with more smart devices learning our daily routines and acting upon them without us having to issue a command using voice or buttons. Instead, they might respond to other aspects, like the atmosphere and the timing of our daily life actions. The most cited examples of this include doors that automatically unlock when they recognize your face, blinds that come down as you start watching a movie, or a smart thermostat that makes the room temperature more comfortable as you begin working out in your home gym. 

The thing about trends in any industry is that they’re based on predictions and educated speculation. But it is always interesting to see what people are forecasting, and how many of these trends will become a fact of life. As of right now though, smart home technology is futuristic already and making life easier, safer and more entertaining. Contact us and we’ll discuss how we can bring all those benefits to you in 2021 - and set you up to take advantage of any trends in the future.

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