Smart Features That Increase Property Value

Home automation in NZ is no longer a novelty. We know for a fact that a growing number of Kiwis want to own the smartest house in the street - and we mean that literally! As this form of technology becomes increasingly popular, it’s only natural that talk turns to how much value this form of upgrade adds to a property.    

This is a question being asked all over the world, and one of the most influential and most-read automation websites has a few answers. Robotics and Automation says it is the  “world’s most-visited robotics and automation news website”, so their opinion carries a lot of weight. When it comes to the smart features that add the most value, we thought you’d be interested in reading their thoughts. So without further ado, here they are. 

Top of their list is smart locks, and it’s certainly a high priority with many of our local customers too. As far as potential home buyers are concerned, when they see a smart lock at the very start of their property inspection, they know from the beginning that the property has above-average security, and this is a huge selling point these days. 

This is endorsed by the next inclusions on  Robotics and Automation’s value-adding list. Smart video doorbells, security cameras and complete smart security systems all feature on the list, and this reaffirms that the latest security features will always be hugely appealing to home buyers.   

Robotics and Automation also mention smart thermostats and smart lights as value-adding features, and again, we can see why. These are energy-efficient and money-saving ways to heat and light a home. With the market looking for a more eco-friendly lifestyle in their new homes, and with heating and lighting obviously being a huge part of that lifestyle, then smart thermostats and lights certainly fit the bill.   

Smart entertainment is another addition to the list, and any home wired for a cutting-edge audio and visual experience will definitely stand out. While practical features like smart security, heating and lighting have practical advantages, the prospect of enjoying entertainment on a cinematic scale will always have appeal and it’s no surprise that Robotics and Automation rate it so highly.  

Of course, you might want us to install home automation for your own enjoyment. But if you do have one eye on the market in the short to medium future, it’s wise to keep in mind the smart features we’ve just discussed. Contact us and we’ll happily discuss all of them with you.

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