Simple steps to home automation installation

If you’ve ever dreamed about coming back to your home set up exactly how you like it, without having to unlock doors, turn lights and heating on and flicking numerous switches, it sounds like home automation is what you need. With EAV’s cutting edge smart home systems, you’ll find easy to use, integrated control for all aspects of your home. Giving you total control remotely or through wall-mounted keypads and touchscreens. 

So, how can EAV help you and how does it work? We’ve broken down the simple steps to installation for your customised new system in Auckland.

Finding out what you want

You’ll probably have an idea of what you want to achieve with home automation but expert guidance can offer more knowledge to achieve your goals. By choosing to work with EAV, you’ll deal with a single contractor rather than several. This gives you a single point of contact for changes and maintenance. The goal is to figure out the scope of your project and which control solutions make sense for you, which we’ll help advise on. 

Creating a bespoke plan

After our initial communication to understand your needs, our experts will create an extensive plan for your project. You’ll see everything that’s included in your system and how it all works together, based on the technology required and any time or budget constraints you inform us of. 

Installing wiring and equipment

We install new Control4 systems utilising the existing cabling where possible and saving our clients from the additional expense of an entire rewire. Control4 integrates all the electronics into a single platform for easy, intuitive control of lighting, heating/cooling, blinds, music and TV, and security systems. For new homes, we work with builders to ensure that all the wiring, cabling and other systems needed to cope with future electrical and technology needs are taken into account at the right stage in the process. 

Programming your system

It’s important to us that you fully understand the system, so you don’t miss out on any of its features or ways it can benefit your day-to-day life. The Control4 system makes great strides towards achieving that, but as always with technology, if you need additional support we’ll be happy to be your guides. 

Delivering quality

Our professional and knowledgable staff always aim to deliver. Our advice and attention to detail is what sets EAV apart. We guarantee great service and support throughout the entire process. 

Get in touch with EAV today to learn more about the possibilities of home automation and how we can help.

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