Setting up Plex for your own home Netflix

If you are like us, the popcorn is sometimes all gone before we’ve even decided on something to watch, so is the struggle of juggling several different streaming sites. We no longer just have to search through the many titles Netflix has to offer, but now we have Disney+, Neon, Apple TV, TVNZ and many more. It takes us up to 30 minutes every day to find our nightly movie which is the equivalent of a daily episode of Friends. Always one on the lookout to make your life easier, we’re going to take a look at the new kid on the streaming block, Plex. As well as having their own movies and TV to stream, their app (available on TV, mobile, desktop and game consoles provides a one-stop shop combining (almost) all your streaming services in one convenient place so you no longer have to trawl through five at once. Oh, and it’s all free!

How does it work?

  1. Set up a free account and download the app on your compatible devices
  2. Install Netflix and your other streaming services into your account 
  3. Browse all the available movies and shows in one place

This could revolutionise how we interact with streaming and make your life that little bit simpler the next time you want to find a spellbinding Speilberg, Tarantino or Paul Thomas Anderson flick.

Up your home cinema game

There is always a way to improve your home cinema experience, and Plex is just one of them. Watching a movie with the lights off and sound up is one thing, creating a home cinema room with the help of EAV is another. We can install speakers and subwoofers, tiered seating, acoustic baffling and 150-inch screens operating from the latest 4K projectors. By using top of the line audio visual technology, it’s possible you’ll trump real-life cinemas and have 24/7 access at home no less. 

So whether you want to binge the latest HBO series, chill out to The Simpsons or watch The Shawshank Redemption for the 84th time, Plex and EAV can provide you with the technology and ease of streaming at home. Give the old classics, like The Godfather, a new lease of life and experience them in a whole new way. It’s time to up your home cinema game.

Get in touch with us to enquire about upgrading your audio-visual technology and create a home cinema today.

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