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In today’s modern world, technology has become an integral part of home security. So, what does it take to turn your home into a fully automated, protected and future-proof smart home? Creating a secure and safe smart home requires technological systems that can work seamlessly together for ultimate protection from intruders. Planned and installed by our experienced and skilled team has made us the go-to experts in Auckland when it comes to looking after your house. 

Safety and security is paramount for everyone, especially those whose families need to be protected. Put technology to work for you with the latest and greatest security cameras, keyless entry and remote monitoring of what's going on at home. Never again spend sleepless nights worrying about break-ins or invasions of your property.  


Cameras are one of the most powerful deterrents to intruders, warning them of a high-level of security before they enter your home. In addition, our systems allow you to stream a live-feed on your laptop or smart device at home or anywhere in the world. When you're away, log in to see what's happening on your doorstep or in your garden. EAV offers a wide range of high quality and durable video surveillance equipment that will give you peace of mind. 


This is the backbone of your home internet, TV and streaming services, as well as security systems such as alarms, video surveillance and access. Better than Wi-Fi streaming, smart cables are hidden in walls and connect directly to an internet cable that brings super-fast broadband and fibre to your home. This means even more reliable and faster security technology in your home for absolute peace of mind. 


With the many systems and options available to protect you and your family, you can feel safe and comfortable in your home. The basis of your home security system is the alarm system, with which we can integrate smoke detectors, gate or door access control, property perimeter beams and security cameras. You can access your security system from anywhere in your home through your smartphone or tablet, remotely when you are away. Reach out to us to hear all our security products available to you.

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