Putting To Rest 3 Of Your Home Automation Concerns

Even as the industry of home automation NZ grows exponentially, there are still many homeowners reluctant to modernise the way they live. Although interests have peaked, many feel conflicted about the real value that home automation will have in their lives. And you may be one such homeowner, with so much technology making its way to the consumer market it can be challenging to differentiate between necessary gadgets and passing trends. Surprisingly though, this is not the only concern many of us have, and without an informed approach to home automation, you may miss the opportunity for better living in an optimised space. 

The industry itself has been sold as homes becoming convenient, comfortable and even simplified. And yet, this isn’t enough for some homeowners, who feel that home automation seems like an expensive and lengthy process of installation. To help you understand home automation in a more approachable manner, EAV has compiled an essential guide to answer some of your most pressing concerns. 

Home Automation Is Costly 

With so many options available to the average consumer, we can begin to feel inundated with the choices we have and confused with how we should upgrade our homes. However, home automation does not necessarily dictate that you need to have every gadget integrated into your home, nor do you need every product on offer. 

Instead, consider what you as a homeowner would find the most beneficial to your daily routine, from smart lighting to automatic garage doors or security systems. Once you’re clear on what would provide the most immediate and direct impact on your life, you can start considering what to opt for. If you’re on a budget, share your concerns with a professional in the industry, and ask them for some recommendations. With this information, you avoid the risk of wasting money on unnecessary gizmos that may not benefit you at all. 

The Risk Of Hacking In Home Automation 

Criminals are an unfortunate reality of life that many of us are all wary of, regardless of whether your home is automated or not. While this a valid concern, reputable service providers will be able to advise you on how you can protect your home against unwarranted entries or security breaches. It’s also essential that you routinely upgrade whatever software and firmware are part of your home’s automation to ensure there are no gaps or vulnerabilities. There are several ways to avoid home invasions and hacking, with preventative measures that a trusted professional can assist homeowners with. 

Home Automation Installations Need Constant Upgrades 

This is not necessarily true, especially if homeowners use established brands and technology in their home. Smart devices in your home have longer lifespans, with planned software updates, and bigger brands, rarely ever announce the obsoletion of such devices on a whim. While you may be concerned that home automation gadgets will follow the same trend of the release of newer phones and smartwatches every year, this is not a common occurrence in the home automation industry. 

Furthermore, home automation can be energy efficient which will result in cost-savings for the homeowner. As the industry expands with more innovative technologies, more and more service providers will be able to offer homeowners reliable, affordable and suitable solutions. 

EAV specialises in home automation in NZ and can address any worries you may have about upgrading your home, contact us for more information on how we can assist you. 

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