Preparing Your Smart Home For Cooler Weather No Matter The Time Of Year

Cold weather can strike at any time, and on any day. Whether it’s the freezing temperatures you expect during the winter months, or unforeseen chilly spells during summer, when it’s cold you just want to feel warm, dry and comfortable. To enjoy this feeling, your home automation system and appliances need to be in working order. 

Thanks to increasingly unpredictable seasons and temperatures, homeowners are now doing things on a year-round basis to prepare their homes for cold days. They seal gaps, ensure their heating appliances are in working condition, and look for energy-efficient tips to stay warm.

If you’ve already invested in home automation in NZ, you can take extra steps to prepare your smart home for cooler weather, alongside regular maintenance. These are some of EAV’s suggestions to help you get your home ready. 

Ask A Technician To Check Your Home  

There may be pending upgrades and security features that need to be installed on your home devices. Doors, windows, heating and cooling systems must be operational and up-to-date. You’ll want to be reassured that your smart thermostat will continue to work in the middle of winter, or summer. One of our technicians can come to your home and help you with all those things. They’ll also identify any other potential problems, and resolve them before cold weather strikes. 

Assess Your Energy Use 

Your energy bills go up in winter, and that’s no surprise. On cold days, your heaters run for hours on end as you strive to stay warm. Wouldn’t it be great if you could save a few dollars while feeling toasty and comfortable at the same time? You can, thanks to an energy audit. If you get an audit done before cold weather hits, you can re-evaluate your use of certain appliances, cut back on energy consumption, and install more efficient systems that will keep costs low, and comfort levels high. An audit is a smart investment in your smart home, and we highly recommend it. 

Don’t Wait. Maintain Your Home Automation System Now.

Imagine arriving home on a dark winter’s evening. Your smart home has anticipated your arrival. It has turned on outdoor lighting to illuminate your path. As you step in the door, music plays softly in the background, and even though the outside air is cool, the inside of your home is cosy, with the temperature at your preferred comfort setting. Your smart home has given you a very warm welcome.

Home automation in NZ gives you all these comforts, but to keep doing so it needs attention and maintenance throughout the year. If you look after your home automation, it will look after you by keeping you warm and comfortable, as well as providing all the other benefits you get from your smart home appliances and automated system. Let us look after your home automation system for you. To make sure it’s in working order whenever cold weather hits, contact the professionals at EAV today. 

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