4 Popular Smart Home Trends To Consider In 2019 & Beyond

Modern technology is changing the way that we view and set up our homes. From security measures to streamlined entertainment devices, the customisation options are endless. It makes sense that you’ll try to use applications that integrate smart technology into them, but how does this affect your home as it stands? We share some of the latest trends that you might consider for yourself going forwards.

Smart Home Trend #1: A View From Above With Drone Technology

If you’ve heard a buzzing sound next door or thought you saw a giant bug hovering above your neighbour’s house, there’s probably a drone somewhere nearby. Top security government and military operations usually use drones, but you can now buy a drone to use for surveillance in and around your home. They’re easy to use and lots of fun, provided you observe the legalities of where you can and can’t fly.

Smart Home Trend #2: Smart Home Security That Goes Beyond CCTV Cameras

Speaking of surveillance, there’s more to modern security than having a few old cameras spread across your property. Everything from smart doorbells to audio monitors can help you keep track of everything and everyone in your home, no matter where you are. Log into your online security profile using your smartphone, and you'll be able to observe what’s happening in and around your home while you’re at work or on holiday.

Smart Home Trend #3: Hands-Free Handling Through Virtual Voice Assistants

Need a helping mind around the house? A vocally controlled Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant may be just what you need. Think of Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. You could integrate these tools into remotely operating things around the house. It can involve everything from choosing music to play while you’re cooking or room lights switch on or off by issuing a simple verbal command.

Smart Home Trend #4: The Robots Are Here - They Don’t Look Like We Imagined

There are many humanoid-looking machines in development across the world, some of whom look very lifelike and can have limited conversations with someone – like Sophia the robot. The in-home versions are less scary and include intelligent, automated floor cleaners as well as fridges that alert you when certain items are running low.

Are you ready to turn your house into a modern smart home? It’s not as challenging as it looks if you get specialist help. Contact EAV today for assistance with getting started.

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