Must-Have Smart Home Features in 2023

Smart homes offer modern benefits that enhance the overall living experience. They are equipped with AI-centric features that make daily tasks more convenient and efficient. Smart homes provide enhanced security, make everyday tasks convenient and enhance appliances and utilities. In addition to convenience, smart homes also offer significant improvements in energy efficiency. 

Essential Smart Home Features You Should Have

1. Smart Lighting Installation

One of the primary requirements for a smart home is a smart lighting solution. This feature allows homeowners to control the lighting in their entire house through their smartphones or Control4 system, even when they are away. Smart bulbs can be scheduled to turn on automatically before the homeowner arrives and at a certain time in the evening. In addition to basic lighting control, smart lighting offers various functional features. Some bulbs have blue-tint technology to help users sleep faster, while others can keep users awake based on the lumens they set. Some bulbs even change colours based on the music being played, creating a dynamic and immersive lighting experience.

2. Entertainment Systems

A complete smart home must include an automated audio-visual system. This encompasses devices such as speakers, displays, streaming devices and smart TVs, all connected via a central Control4 system, available from EAV. With the help of voice assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon Echo, homeowners can effortlessly control their entertainment systems using voice commands.

3. Smart Home Appliances

Smart home appliances are becoming increasingly common in newly built homes. These appliances offer a range of benefits and functionalities, making everyday tasks more convenient and efficient. For example, a smart oven allows users to remotely switch it on or off, preheat it on the way home, adjust settings and timers through a smartphone, receive cooking notifications, and even control it using voice commands when connected to voice assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Other smart home appliances include automated dishwashers, robotic vacuum cleaners, smart washers and dryers. These appliances not only save time but also optimise energy usage.

4. Automated Home Utilities

Automating home utilities is a significant advantage of newly built homes, as they are designed to accommodate smart home features. This includes the integration of innovative technologies like smart thermostats, intelligent sprinkler control systems and innovative water valves. These devices allow homeowners to remotely control and monitor their home utilities. A smart thermostat can automatically turn the HVAC system on and off based on the homeowner's presence.

5. Smart Home Security System

Home security is a top priority for homeowners in Auckland, and a smart home security system provides enhanced protection against burglaries and other threats. These systems can alert homeowners of any suspicious activity, even when they are away from home. Some smart security cameras offer facial recognition technology, allowing homeowners to identify unfamiliar individuals on their property. Smart door locks are another essential component of a smart home security system. These locks use biometric fingerprint scanning or digital codes to provide secure access to the home. Homeowners can also program these locks to provide limited access to specific individuals, such as housekeepers or babysitters.

If you want a smarter home, explore industry-leading solutions with EAV. Experience the convenience and functionality of a smart home and embrace the future of residential living. Contact us today to find out more.

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