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Must-have home automation gadgets

Must-have home automation gadgets are products that make your life easier, create a more modern home and, let’s be honest, are quite frankly ‘cool’. We’ve all fantasised about the thought of living in a world where James Bond’s gadgets and Batman’s technology are real. Admittedly, smart home devices differ somewhat but they can turn you into the Matilda of your own home by controlling lights, heating, music and the television from anywhere in the house. Here are some of the best gadgets on the market.

Smart Light Bulbs

This product is a perfect intro to making your home a smart one. Simply swap your classic light bulbs for smart ones with built-in Bluetooth to control them any way you want. Via voice command or via mobile app. You can also schedule lights to come on in the morning and turn off at night which has its benefits.


Turn your living room into an epic cinema room with an audiovisual makeover. Pair a high-definition projector with the best speakers on the market to create an environment perfect for watching movies and series on those rainy days. It doesn’t stop there. Remote control blinds can give you a blackout room even on the brightest days for the ultimate home cinema experience.

Voice Control

Use Alexa or Google Assistant to control Spotify, organise your day, start a timer when cooking and ask questions instead of having to Google the answer on your device. Voice control systems are super helpful items for everyone to use.


We believe Control4 is the best home automation system to bring every aspect of your home together and control it all from one control centre. We only design and install the best, most reliable products on the market. That’s why we choose Control4 as the backbone of our home automation NZ systems. It gives you programmable keypads, touchscreens, sensors and unified remotes to control every aspect of your home. Ideal for new builds, it can also be retrofitted into existing homes with traditional wiring, without the need to run cabling and damage walls and ceilings.

With this introduction to home automation, you can now contact EAV to find out more about how this would be integrated into your home.

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