More Reasons To Invest In Smart Home Technology

We think it’s a wise move to invest in technology for your home. Of course, as smart home automation specialists, you would expect us to say such a thing. But our opinion is backed up by the views of others. 

For example, one of America’s largest real estate companies carried out a major survey which found that homebuyers are beginning to see home automation products as almost standard additions to a home rather than futuristic and novel features. Of those surveyed, homebuyers said these are the smart products they would want to see already in place in their prospective new home:  

  • 77 per cent would want smart thermostats pre-installed 
  • 75 per cent would want smart fire detectors pre-installed 
  • 70 per cent would want smart carbon monoxide detectors pre-installed 
  • 66 per cent would want a smart security camera pre-installed 
  • 63 per cent would want a smart lock pre-installed 
  • 63 per cent would want a smart lighting system pre-installed  

What is particularly interesting about these survey findings is the functionality of it all! Many people might think that smart home technology exists purely for entertainment purposes by giving them a cinematic viewing experience at home or room by room audio. But, it seems that people now value smart home components for practical reasons, such as keeping them secure or saving money through energy-efficient products like smart thermostats and lighting. It’s features like these that are very attractive to homebuyers, especially as more and more of us strive to live sustainable and environmentally friendly lives; smart home technology certainly helps us do that. No wonder that functional smart home components add value and desirability to a home - although, we mustn’t forget that smart technology when applied to home entertainment is also another big seller.

Of course, an investment in technology doesn’t have to be done with property values in mind. There’s an immediate reward for doing so, very much in line with what homebuyers are looking for; improved home security, more energy-efficient heating, cooling and lighting, and overall safety through things like smart fire and carbon monoxide detectors. They all contribute to enhancing our lifestyles, with plenty of room to integrate other high-tech features that are all about fun, like cutting-edge entertainment systems. 

Smart home technology is an investment for now, and the years ahead. It’s a common theme in the blog posts we share with you but that’s because we see it as more than a novelty or a gimmick. Smart home automation has an important role to play in creating better lifestyles, more secure homes and more interesting lives! For more information on how all of those things can be applied to your home, contact us and we’ll happily discuss the subject with you.     

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