Mistakes To Avoid With Your Home Automation

With home automation becoming more accessible on the consumer market, many homeowners are considering the implementation in their own homes for the first time. It offers convenience, comfort, the safety of your belongings and security of your family all with the touch of a button. Integrated systems are growing in demand and with so many options available, mistakes can be made. From installation to compatibility, errors can occur in the setup affecting the performance of your home automation. Upgrading your home should be simple with the help of reliable professionals in the industry, but we are seeing a growing trend of people turning towards DIY systems and that is also a major contribution to failing systems.  

With this guide, we hope to educate you on common mistakes made when it comes to home automation and how to avoid them. 

Purchasing Every Device 

Home automation can seem exciting to a first-time buyer, with devices available for almost every action in your house – it can be difficult to say no and cut back. But we often find ourselves inundated with clients asking if we can help them set up all the additional devices they bought only to realise that most of them do the same thing or are potentially incompatible. 

Automating A Rental 

People want to begin their home automation journey as soon as possible and we can’t blame them when it’s become a new modern way to live. However, if you’re renting your apartment, it may be best to speak to a professional about devices you can purchase that will be able to move with you in the future. There’s no reason to spend exorbitant amounts on home automation devices only to realise that it will cost you more to unplug and relocate. 

Ignoring Updates

This is often summed up to consumer negligence, where homeowners frequently ignore updates for their devices. Whether it’s just not having the time to complete it or deeming it unnecessary, it can cause a serious malfunction. Updates are important for the performance and security of your devices. Once compromised it leaves room for hackers to break in. 

Another significant mistake many make is choosing to purchase the cheapest options on the market - the brands no one has heard of before. And as much as we do understand that the average consumer is looking to save a few dollars, it is often the leading cause of malfunctioning home automation. This coupled with inexperience in the industry, lack of technological knowledge and the pressure to rush out and buy the latest gadgets which can be an expensive blunder. When problems arise, it can be difficult for a homeowner to try and troubleshoot the problem. Sometimes clients can even end up worsening the issue, rending their appliances and setup almost useless. For professional support and service, contact us at EAV

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