The Latest Innovations Within The Smart House Of Today Revealed

A few years ago, the phrases ‘Smart House’ and ‘Home Automation’ may have sounded like something from a futuristic movie. It seemed almost unbelievable and even though many may have acknowledged its existence, it seemed more of an expensive and unnecessary add-on to install into your home. Years ago, smart innovation seemed like something exclusively reserved for the wealthy and not something necessary or obtainable for the average homeowner. But these misconceptions and perceptions have been quickly dispelled as more and more homeowners are looking into making their homes smart. Now, home automation technologies have become readily available to the public with many affordable solutions available on the market to choose from. 

For the first-timer, delving into the world of home automation technologies can feel overwhelming but with the assistance of EAV, you can learn more about what you can find in a smart home today and understand how to go about bringing all this into your personal space. 

Smart Security With Integrated Security Systems

Integrated security systems are often the go-to for any homeowner because of the obvious need to protect one’s family and personal valuables. From automatic locking doors to camera installations that can all easily be controlled from your very own Smartphone; security has become more accessible than ever before. You can easily monitor your property remotely, view people at your door without having to physically check outside and even watch your children or pets while you’re away. A smart system is the first step.  

Smart Temperature

Your next step into making your house smart is through the installation of heating and cooling systems which can now be automated to be controlled from outside the home. This is ideal if you are going home after a long sweltering day at the office in peak summer and need to walk into a cool house. Air conditioning can be turned on and off from your Smartphone, decreasing the risk of electricity wastage and increasing your energy efficiency. You can use a Smart thermostat to set the ideal temperature for your home remotely too without having to wait for your systems to heat up or cool down manually. 

Smart Assistant For Maximum Control Within The Home 

With devices such as Google’s Home and Amazon’s Echo, you can easily control lighting and music by simply interacting with your speaker. While installation may be a bit tedious for the first-timer, we always advise homeowners not to choose the DIY route and rather consult the professionals who help with the setup of Smart assistants. In addition to being able to control systems in your home, these assistants can relay important news, give you weather forecasts and even update you on your schedule for the day. Smart, right!

It’s The Only Way To Go In The Future

A Smart house seems to be the only way to go for the future and EAV can help you get there. EAV specialises in finding tailored solutions to home automation, as we know every home is unique and every homeowner is different. Speak to us today to see what we can do for you and how we can customise your home smartly and according to your needs.

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