The Kristil Home Automation System Guide

As a homeowner with a previously fitted Kristil Home Automation System, you may be uncertain as to what to do with the installation, now that it is no longer manufactured and even frustrated with the lack of industry support to assist you. Replacement parts and servicing can become a hassle and it can become overwhelming for those who have spent a significant amount of money prior to having it installed in your home. While many security companies may claim to have solutions to providing support to the outdated system, it can lead to more bills than anticipated if they do not have first-hand knowledge of servicing the system.

Facing Technical Problems 

While initially designed to improve energy efficiency and enhance security and convenience around your home, replacement components and parts have become increasingly scarce and difficult to find. Furthermore, even though professionals may have worked on these systems once, they may not have faced current common problems. Over time, Kristil will start becoming more prone to system failures, and it is rare to hear of any homeowners who are still able to use it without any problems now. 

Taking Functionality, Repairs and Existing Issues Into Account

In addition to technicians not being able to resolve system failures or address existing problems, the biggest disadvantage of continuing to use Kristil is that it cannot integrate with other systems nor can it’s software be updated, to become more current. Ultimately, this makes the system almost useless in protection and convenience. There is no definitive way to fix, repair or service Kristil due to the system no longer being produced and unfortunately, homeowners will have to make the tough decision to move over to a new system or risk using Kristil which is no longer functional or effective. 

The Solution You Deserve

At EAV, we can provide you with a comprehensive inspection of your property and your present security and home automation needs. We will then advise you on the most affordable newer systems we can offer you to replace your Kristil system. Besides having access to modern technology, with innovative updates and consistent supply of replacement parts, you will be able to fully integrate most systems to create seamless automation within your home. Newer systems have a design appeal that Kristil no longer has as well as the ability to be managed and controlled through smart devices over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 

Even though it may seem like a waste of money to simply discard the Kristil home automation system, it can serve no purpose if it’s broken and obsolete. In fact, it can become a bigger risk to rely on out-of-date technology systems to protect you. If you require a replacement system with quick installation and setup, EAV can assist you quickly. Offering you reliable and professional service every time – speak to us today to help you make the right choice in home automation.

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