Increasing Energy Efficiency In Your Home

“Energy efficiency” has become somewhat of a common phrase in almost every industry these days. The average person has become much more conscious of their energy use, and for two specific reasons. One is how much they spend financially and another being how their consumption is affecting the sustainability of the planet. While these are important considerations that seem to fit most areas of life, many may question the application of this in their homes. At EAV, we encourage smart home installations simply because of the energy efficiency benefit that you can take advantage off. 

While some may think that they can simply increase their energy efficiency at home currently with their conventional appliances and systems, smart homes optimise processes and use less energy more effectively, and they do this for you without any hassle. 

Here are some of EAV’s other helpful recommendations to assist you in increasing the energy efficiency in your home.

Install Smart Lighting 

Smart lighting is often the first device homeowners install when automating their properties. It is a valuable addition, that can quickly bring down your energy bill as there is minimal wastage. Lights function with sensors, instantly detecting movement in a room and switching off or on as required. Smart lighting can also be remotely controlled, which is beneficial for late nights out as well as for deterring criminals. 

Add A Smart Thermostat 

A smart thermostat integrated with heating and cooling systems can be an enormous cost-saving, as it can alert other devices when there are temperature fluctuations. Instead of having to turn on an air-conditioner yourself and wait for it to start cooling down your home, your thermostat will do the work for you, ensuring that you only use your systems when required. 

Use Smart Switches 

Many of us can easily relate to accidentally leaving appliances on, which can be hazardous to you and your home, but it can also rapidly increase your energy bill. Although these things tend to happen without us realising, smart switches can provide you with peace of mind by letting you know that you can remotely check that all your devices are off when away from home. There are also no unexpected surges on your energy bill, ensuring you aren’t wasting power unnecessarily. 

As the world moves towards a trend of less consumption of power sources to relieve the impact of climate change, homeowners should consider upgrading their space into a smart home to become energy efficient. Improving your home can seem like an expensive undertaking, but it’s an important investment with significant returns in the future. To help get you started with professional services from industry leaders, speak to EAV to book a consultation today.

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