Incorporate smart technology into your new build

In the dynamic landscape of home design in 2023, the integration of smart technology has become a pivotal consideration for those embarking on a new build. Transforming your residence into a smart home not only reflects the pinnacle of modern housing but also serves as a strategic move to future-proof your living space. Here's why involving EAV’s experts in the early stages of your project is crucial for a seamless integration of smart connections.

Smart Planning from the Start

Rather than treating smart technology as an afterthought, enlisting the expertise of EAV at the beginning of your project ensures that smart connection planning becomes an integral part of the initial design. This proactive approach prevents common issues such as insufficient hardware or wiring, akin to the frustration of not having enough power points in your home.

EAV's Process for Smart Integration

Site Establishment: This phase involves the demolition of existing systems, installation of pre-slab conduits, and setting up temporary builders' power to lay the groundwork for smart technology integration.

Prewire: Before GIB linings are fixed in place, EAV ensures the installation of cabling, laying the foundation for a seamless smart home infrastructure.

Preline Signoff: After plasterboard linings are installed, measurements, photos and notes are meticulously documented to "see through walls," verifying that all cabling is correctly positioned.

Postline: Cutting out plasterboard for recessed items such as lights, speakers, sensors, and smoke alarms is executed during this phase to accommodate planned elements seamlessly.

Installation: EAV proceeds to install all the planned smart elements, ensuring a comprehensive integration of technology into your home.

Checks: Rigorous testing follows the installation phase, guaranteeing that every component works efficiently, is correctly set up for safety and compliance, and records test results for future reference.

Certification: An independent electrical inspector issues relevant documents, including an Electrical Safety Certificate, Certificate of Compliance or Record of Inspection, providing official validation of the smart technology integration.

Elevating Your New Home Beyond Expectations

Working with EAV means more than just a technical integration; it's about understanding your unique needs and aspirations for your new home. From energy-efficient intelligent lighting to enhanced security and top-tier audio-visual products, EAV collaborates with you to create a home that exceeds expectations at every level.

If you're in the early stages of planning a new home, reaching out to EAV is the first step towards ensuring your residence is a smart home. Contact EAV today to embark on the journey of building a smarter home.

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