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Top Ideas For Full House Automation

For full home automation, there are several different aspects to divert your attention to. It isn’t just one thing, it involves lighting, entertainment, security and more. Below we feature three ideas for each corner of home automation to help you on your journey. The future is here.

3 best smart lighting ideas

  1. Motion sensors that detect when a room has been vacant for some time and turn off the lights to save energy costs
  2. An ‘all-off’ button control to turn off all lights in your home with one click rather than having to walk around your property turning each individual light off
  3. Moonlight lighting setting for when you get up in the middle of the night or early morning and want a dimmed setting to not strain your eyes

3 top home cinema ideas

  1. Auto-dimming lights for when you press ‘play’ on a movie. Select your ideal ‘cinema’ setting and have it automatically occur each time.
  2. Pause mode that brings the lights up by 30% and dims them again when the movie is resumed
  3. Children’s mode could set a maximum volume setting and automatically turn off at their designated bedtime.

3 great security ideas

  1. Picture-in-picture video footage of visitors at the front door plays on your TV when the doorbell rings.
  2. Receive an alert when your doors are left unlocked after 8 PM.
  3. Mockupancy setting makes it appear like people are home even when you are away on holiday.

3 hot heating ideas

  1. Have your heat pump timed to turn on at the same time as your morning alarm to heat the house before you get out of bed
  2. If you shower at 7.30 AM, have your heated towel rack automatically warm up from 7.15 AM.
  3. Base your room temperature level on the temperature outside to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature each day.

3 everyday chore ideas

  1. Set your motorised blinds to open and close at the same time each morning and night.
  2. Automate your lights and heating to turn off at the same time you go to work each morning
  3. Schedule your garage door to open each day just in time to leave your home so you no longer have to wait for the door to slowly raise

Like these ideas and have more of your own? Get in touch with us today to begin automating your house and making every day easier with smart systems from EAV.

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