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Before learning how to create a smart home, perhaps it is more important to ask, ‘Why create a smart home?’

In the modern technological age, the landscape is rapidly changing to seamlessly integrate smart systems into our everyday lives. With more devices, apps and programmes being introduced constantly it is becoming increasingly important to have a house that is connected and future proof.

Smart homes can be defined by their ability to remotely control appliances and systems, such as heating, lights, audio and visual, as well as offer security, convenience and energy efficiency via their smartphone and voice control. Additions to your residential property that improve these areas can be classed as smart solutions. Here are some ways to create a smart home.

What makes up a smart home?

Smart lighting systems can detect when people enter a room and adjust lighting as needed. Smart bulbs can also adjust themselves based on the availability of daylight.

Smart locks can grant or deny visitor access, as well as unlock the door for you remotely as you walk up to the front door. Using smart security cameras, residents can keep an eye on their homes while away from home or on vacation. Smart motion sensors are also able to distinguish between residents, visitors, pets and thieves, and alert authorities when suspicious behaviour is detected. 

Energy-efficient thermostats allow residents to remotely program, monitor and control the temperature in their home. These devices also learn the behaviour of homeowners and automatically change settings to provide residents with maximum comfort and efficiency. Smart thermostats can also report energy consumption and remind users to change filters, among other things.

Finally, there are all kinds of smart kitchen appliances available, including refrigerators that track expiration dates, make grocery lists, or even create recipes based on available ingredients; coffee machines that can automatically prepare a fresh cup at a designated time; and washing machines and dryers. 

Future proof your home by adding a Control4 control centre to manage the smart needs of your home and have the option to integrate systems in the future. Contact us today to find out more and make your home a smart home. The future can be yours.

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