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There is more to home automation than technology. While it is obviously important that the products that create a smart home are of the highest quality, they won’t operate at their best without good design and installation. That’s why we thought we’d talk about people rather than products in this post.  

Since we established the company in 2013, EAV has assembled a team of home automation experts. This is in stark contrast to many of the companies now offering their services in the design and installation of smart home technology. They are new to the industry. While they may be capable of a limited degree, they don’t yet have the experience and knowledge to overcome the more complex and challenging situations that our work often entails. That inexperience will be reflected in smart home products and automation that doesn’t work nearly as well as it should.   

That’s why we’re different. That’s why we can be trusted to manage residential and commercial projects on any scale. Take a look at the EAV team and several things will stand out: 

  • There are quite a few of us. This means we can bring a lot of combined knowledge and expertise to any project. Brainstorming allows us to successfully deal with any challenges or curveballs a particular assignment might throw at us.
  • We’re experienced. Take a look at our brief biographies and you’ll see we have specialists who have been experts in their fields for 10, 15, 20 years and more. We’re not newbies looking to cash in on the growing popularity of smart home technology. We’ve been doing this for a long time and have built up a vast knowledge bank over all of those years.
  • We’re home automation specialists. Again, read our biographies and you’ll see we’re experts in this field. We haven’t made a sudden switch from other trades to capitalise on the smart home trend. 

Products will always be important when it comes to smart home technology. But expertise and skill in design and installation are just as important. While we know you have a choice when it comes to home automation companies, none of those companies has the team that we are so proud to have assembled. The best smart homes are created by the best people, and that is why we encourage you to check out our team of specialists and then contact us for the highest standard of service. 

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