Future-proof your home when renovating

If you are planning a home renovation, there is more to consider than new décor. It is worth considering how to modernise your home to suit today’s technology-based lifestyle. Before starting your renovation project, EAV will discuss ways we can future-proof your home. With our home automation, you’ll have a fully connected home with smart lights, automatic blinds and heating options controlled by you wherever you are. We will design and install smart home systems and upgrade old, dangerous or non-compliant wiring or switchboards, so they fully meet current electrical compliance and safety standards.

The Process:

Step one is a comprehensive meeting to guarantee we fully understand your needs and what we want to collectively achieve. If plans have already been drawn up we will examine them so we know what’s required. If no plans exist, we will draw up power, lighting and technology plans for each floor that incorporate everything we discussed at our meeting. Once we’ve been through each part of the automation process with you, we will confirm a timeframe and detailed quote before embarking on our 7-step installation process.

Using only the best and most reliable products on the market you’ll be able to control every aspect of your home with the click of a button or swipe of a screen. Popular home technology advances such as Alexa and Google Home are already starting to change the way we spend time at home. EAV gives you the opportunity to take home automation above and beyond to achieve the smartest home on the street. 

What You Get in a Nutshell:

  • Simplify the process of renovating by assisting with design early in the project.
  • Replace redundant smart home lighting control systems.
  • Integrate all the electronics into a single Control4 platform for easy, intuitive control.

Why now?

Apart from immediately adding to the value of the property, it ensures upcoming technology changes can be easily incorporated without further major work. With the housing market as it is, what better way to stand out than achieving a fully connected home? We don’t consider a renovation complete until you are fully satisfied with every aspect of your newly renovated home. Get in touch to find out more or request a quote.

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