Essential Questions To Ask When Smart-Wiring Your Home

Interest in smart homes is steadily on the rise thanks to benefits such as enhanced home security, convenience and lower energy costs. If you currently are an Auckland homeowner looking to enhance your current property, you might be considering it right this second. However, is this kind of system right for your home? It is worth looking at the following questions to help you decide.

1. Would Smart Wiring My Home Save Me Money?

An important question for homeowners to consider is if a smart home is worth the investment. Yes, the initial set up costs of installing the wiring as well as the costs for supported devices and sensors required in the smart home system can come at a steep price. Are the benefits worth the cost and will you save money in the long run?

The answer is yes. A smart wiring system can offer savings in energy costs of up to 30 percent (by switching on climate control devices only when you need it). And in addition to this, there can be discounted incentives from home insurance companies as one of the advantages of a smart home is its added security.

2. What Will I Use The System For?

Why do you want a smarter home, and what do you require from a home automation system? Do you want better home security surveillance or to enhance the level of comfort in your home? Smart home wiring can only be a worthy investment if it’s used for the purposes it’s been designed for. This brings up the question of need versus want and if the convenience of a less stressful lifestyle is a luxury or a priority for you.

3. How Easy Is It To Use Automation Technology?

Smart wiring systems are designed to be user-friendly, so they aren’t difficult to understand or operate. You can choose to master the system one room at a time or one function at a time. For example, you may want to begin with the automated home theatre system and then move onto controlling home security.

The most opportune time to install a smart wiring system is when building a new home as the installation costs are lower than adapting an existing home to the system. If you have an existing home and are interested in smart wiring your home, give us a call at EAV today. Our knowledgeable staff will answer all your questions.

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