Enhanced Living With Premium Smart Home Technology

With our fast-paced, highly connected world, the demand and desire for interconnected, smart technology wherever we are is consistently on the rise. From the onset of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, our phones, televisions, speakers and laptops were able to communicate and share information, but now we’ve crossed the boundary into a far more evolved version – one where our entire homes are becoming the central hub for everything we do or want to do. Here are a few ways that smart home technology can enhance your home, today:

Lights, Music, Action

Whether you’re hosting a party or just relaxing at home, entertainment has never been simpler to manage. With a touchscreen control unit, you’ll be able to switch from Netflix to Spotify, change the song or show with a tap. What’s more, you can also adjust the lighting to a more ambient level with the same tap. Thanks to smart technology, you can even select specific rooms to play the music where you’re going to relax or set it up so that the entire house echoes your song or movie selection with crystal clear sound.

Safety and Control from Anywhere

If you’re ever worried about whether you locked your garage door, switched off a device or have remembered to keep the back door open for when your kids return from school, a smart home solution gives you absolute control and confidence about what’s going on at home and controlling aspects from work or anywhere else in the world. Now you can monitor your home through security cameras with live feeds, lock or unlock your doors, turn lights on or off and much more. Having to wait around for someone to arrive or a package to be dropped off won’t be an issue anymore - you simply use your smartphone app to be notified of when someone’s at your door so that you can let them in or open a gate. 

EAV has proudly spearheaded the introduction of smart home technology to clients and homeowners across New Zealand and is partnered as an approved supplier of Control 4, an international leading smart home technology provider. Contact us today to find out how we can transform your home.

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