Criminals Hate CCTV: That's Why We Install It

It’s one thing to have a smart house. It’s an even better thing to have a smart house that is also a secure house. Smart security is a big part of what we do, from design to installation, and in that package,  CCTV is a critical component 

CCTV is a hugely effective crime deterrent but don’t take our word for it. We’ve just read an interesting survey carried out by a British insurance company in which they asked 12 ex-convicts about a range of crime-related topics. What caught our eye was a question about what had most deterred them during their criminal careers. For both home thieves and car thieves, CCTV was the security measure that acted as the biggest deterrent. The thought of being seen made them think twice about committing a crime, and in most cases, it was enough to steer them towards an easier target elsewhere. 

CCTV cameras are common sights at New Zealand businesses, and now we’re installing them in more homes as well. They provide great peace of mind, and even if deterring robbers isn’t your biggest priority, you can see who is approaching your home even when you're not there. As with anything in life, some CCTV cameras are better than others and that’s why we only supply and install one brand - Hikvision.    

We are sure that Hikvision is the best you can get. Hikvision is the world’s largest manufacturer of CCTV equipment, and what keeps them ahead of the rest is they’re constantly investing millions of dollars in research and development every year. For all their quality, Hikvision products are well priced and that’s another reason we supply them, as it makes CCTV an affordable option in nearly every home. There is a wide range of options to suit all situations and, crucially, Hikvision products integrate directly into Control4 ecosystems. This means information can be displayed on both touchscreens and smartphones, and the footage is so crystal-clear that it has successfully been used in police investigations. Number plates are easily recognisable and recording is possible even at night. 

As a deterrent, CCTV is very effective. And when you ask EAV to supply and install your CCTV you know that we’ll provide the world’s best brand at a very reasonable price. For further peace of mind, all EAV technicians have been vetted by the Ministry of Justice and are registered security installers. To find out more about CCTV, contact us today and make your smart house a secure one.

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