Create A Smart Business With Smart Home Technology

Smart wiring your home might be a priority for you but don’t overlook the benefits that home automation can bring to your business. While smart home technology is often associated with creating an enviable and easy lifestyle, it can perform a range of essential practical functions in a commercial setting as well. Some of the biggest advantages include: 

  • Security. This is often the weak link in many businesses but smart security represents a significant upgrade be it in the shape of a state-of-the-art alarm system, CCTV that can be monitored from anywhere, or smart locks that eliminate the need for keys. For further peace of mind, all EAV technicians are vetted by the Ministry of Justice and are registered security installers.
  • Energy-efficient heating and cooling. The bottom line is all-important in any business but conventional cooling and heating systems are big money wasters, especially when they continue to operate when no one is in the office. On the other hand, smart thermostats reduce heating and cooling to a minimum when people aren’t present, and optimize it when they are. Over the course of a year, the energy savings are substantial.
  • Lighting. This is another area where businesses often spend big money; a lot of that spending is wasteful. Smart lighting is an affordable solution. For a start, modern bulbs consume far less energy in providing the same amount of light. Smart lighting can be remotely operated through a smartphone, tablet or computer, so you can control what lights are required in every connected room at your business, no matter where you are. Meanwhile, lights with occupancy sensors will automatically turn off when a room is empty. 
  • Productivity. Every business should be a productive space and smart devices can make your commercial space are more efficient one with greater output. For example, voice commands can control smart connected devices in the office, like a smart thermostat or lighting, as well as schedule meetings, make and receive calls, and dictate notes. By simplifying activities like these, your employees can focus on their core tasks.   

While many businesses have introduced technology to the office to a large degree, there is still room for smart home automation to make an even bigger difference. As far as security, energy-efficiency and productivity are concerned, the degrees of improvement with smart technology are greater than with conventional technology. Contact us and let’s talk about smart home automation in a commercial setting. The investment will be well worth it. 

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