What Are The Most Common Elements That Make Up A Smart House?

Interest in smart homes is constantly growing, and as technology develops and more supported products become available, the overall cost of enhancing your home this way continues to drop. Modern Auckland homeowners can now take advantage of the many ways that a smart home can make their lives easier, more comfortable and more secure.

Many common elements in home automation make up a smart house and should be prioritised first. These elements range from improved security surveillance to intuitive home entertainment that puts control in the hands of homeowners – with the ultimate goal of making their lives more convenient and comfortable. The following elements should be embraced in smart homes first – as they’ll form the cornerstone of your smart home and require the most input from you.

· Home Security

Home security is a top concern for many homeowners. Smart homes can offer heightened security 24/7 – and you can access it on the go, via your phone. These systems make use of surveillance cameras, motion sensors, automated lighting systems, thermostat controls and smoke alarm systems to protect loved ones and valuables, even when you’re not around.

· Energy Efficiency

Another sought-after element of smart homes is the energy efficiency advantage. Automated thermostats and climate control systems have been found to lower energy costs. These systems can lower temperature settings while your home is unoccupied and raise them again before you get home to ensure ultimate comfort. This means that you won’t use energy unnecessarily, saving you in utility bills. This saving can add up over the years, helping offset your installation and maintenance costs.

· Home Entertainment

Whether you’re entertaining guests or indulging in a night in watching your favourite series, having an automated home theatre system can set the scene and elevate your home entertainment experience to a whole new level. A home theatre system that can be accessed by a single tap on a button has great appeal. The attraction is even greater if the entertainment system is seamlessly integrated into the entire home automation system so that you can add to the room’s atmosphere by adjusting lighting or temperature.

Do you have questions on how to create a smart house, or are you looking to implement any or all of the above elements into your own home? Give us a call at EAV. We’ll be happy to talk you through the process of creating a smart house – from conceptualising the idea to executing it.

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