Choosing The Next Best Home Automation Addition For Your Home

While home automation is fast becoming a necessity for all homeowners, innovative systems are inundating the smart technology market. And it’s easy to understand why with all the major benefits of choosing to automate. Now, there is a growing demand for faster, seamless devices that can easily be integrated together with minimal effort. Some of these benefits include increased security, energy efficiency savings, the advantage of convenience and ease of comfort which are all beneficial for the development and renovations of homes.

There’s An Upside To The Downside

There is a downside to having so many options available on the market. Homeowners may find it difficult to choose the next home automation addition for their home. Do they choose from a place of need or a place of desire? Do they choose convenient add-ons which turn out to be unused and a waste of money or do they choose the necessary add-on for a necessary purpose? This is why we compiled this article to help you make the right choice for your home, by learning more about what is actually available to you and why you should make that specific choice. 

Smart Sound For Those Who Enjoy Daily Tunes

If you are a family of avid music listeners who enjoy belting out your favourite tunes almost daily, then a smart sound system is what you need. It can be installed according to your requirements, without the hassle of having numerous cords and wires hanging around everywhere. Smart sound can be played throughout your home and can even be easily controlled through your Smartphone, remotely. Volume can be adjusted hassle-free and you can simply stream without having to fidget between your internet settings and your new sound system – because it will all be done on installation. 

Smart Doors For Those Who Forget Their Keys

Doors that can be locked automatically and opened without manual input is not only a security advantage but also a convenient benefit for those who find themselves losing keys all the time or finding themselves often forgetting to lock the doors. With this choice, homeowners do not have to physically check every door at night to ensure that they are locked to keep out criminals, but can quickly push one button on their Smartphone to engage automatic locking all at once. It can also be useful when you have to carry grocery bags or sleeping toddlers into the house and want to avoid fumbling around trying to open a door while juggling everything in your hands. Also, it gives you quick access in your home when an emergency situation occurs just outside your front door.  

Smart Lights For Those Who Want To Save On Electricity Usage

The one system that many homeowners choose for their homes is Smart lighting throughout their properties. This can have huge cost-savings as your lights become more energy-efficient when combined with sensors which easily detect movement in a room and automatically switch on and off. This also removes the frustration of having to deal with expensive energy bills because the children forgot to switch off the lights in certain rooms. It is also useful in deterring intruders by allowing you to switch the lights on remotely at any given time, creating the illusion that there are people at home and it is not an empty house. 

EAV believes in finding the upgrade for you and the ideal solution to the modern home. For affordable, purposeful home automation installations with a difference, contact EAV today.

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