Go Keyless With A Digital Door Lock

Our homes are changing fast, especially the ways we keep them safe. Advancing technology offers new ways to protect what matters most. At EAV, we're experts in smart homes and home automation, and we would love to introduce you to the next level of security.

A digital door lock is one of the safest and most convenient upgrades you can make to your home. 

Safety Benefits

Smart digital door locks offer an advanced level of security that traditional locks can't. These innovative locks boast robust locking mechanisms and sophisticated monitoring features. With access logs, remote control capabilities, and instant notifications to your mobile phone, you can closely monitor who enters your home at all times. 

With a digital door lock, there is no more fumbling in bags and pockets for keys, and feeling vulnerable to potential threats. Instead, these locks allow seamless entry as you approach your home, minimising the risk of being targeted by intruders. The ability to automatically lock the door as it closes provides an additional layer of security, ensuring ongoing protection for your home.

Forgetfulness is no longer an issue either. With digital door locks, concerns about forgetting to lock your doors are a thing of the past. Convenient app integration allows you to remotely check and lock your doors from anywhere, providing peace of mind even when you're not at home. By embracing digital door locks, you're not only enhancing your home's security but also adopting a smarter and safer way of living.


Digital door locks offer a hassle-free alternative to traditional keys. Imagine entering your property without the fuss of searching for keys or worrying about being locked out if keys have been locked inside, or worse, lost. With digital locks, you can simply press a button, swipe a card, or use your phone to unlock the door. Plus, you have options like PIN codes, Bluetooth keys, and fingerprints, making access even easier. This is a game-changer for both homes and commercial buildings, offering a simple and efficient way to grant entry to guests or service providers without needing physical keys.

Integration with Home Automation

A digital door lock isn't just a standalone gadget; it can be part of a whole smart home setup. These locks work with your other devices, like smart assistants and apps, making everything work together seamlessly. A home where your lock talks to your lights and security cameras - it is all about making life easier and safer.

Style & Aesthetics

Digital door locks are available in a variety of sleek and modern designs that provide a stylish upgrade from traditional locks. From minimalist finishes to more intricate designs, there's an option to suit every home's aesthetic. No more rusty old locks that stick, and no more bulky key rings bulging in a back pocket. Upgrade to a digital door lock for a stylish and sophisticated take on optimal security.

A smart home needs a smart approach to security. Digital door locks are safer, more convenient and look the part in a smart, modern home. Get in touch with us at EAV and find out how we can upgrade your home security.

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