Can Home Automation Be Hacked?

When you think about home automation in NZ , you should have plenty of positive things to reflect on. That warm welcome you get when you walk into your home on a freezing winter’s night and feel cosy and comfortable straight away thanks to smart heating. The satisfaction of receiving a much lower power bill because of the energy-efficient lighting system in your smart home. That reassurance you feel as you tuck your kids into bed, safe in the knowledge that your smart security system will be protecting them while they sleep. So it must be a little disconcerting to have this cold and stark question pop into your head from time to time:

“Can my home automation be hacked?”

It’s a question we’re often asked. It’s a perfectly reasonable one. In all honesty, any device connected to the internet is vulnerable. But when it comes to creating a smart home, there are steps you can take to drastically reduce your chances of falling victim to hackers.

The very first thing to do is choose a smart home specialist who will offer ongoing support and advice, particularly around security. A company like EAV is seen as a leader in home automation, and part of our ongoing responsibility to our clients is to ensure the systems we install are as safe as possible. Using the right equipment to start with is vitally important, as are things like regular software and security upgrades. Only a company that stays with you for the long haul can provide this ongoing assistance. We know of cases where fly-by-nighters have installed home automation that is already compromised, and they compound the problem by not being around to provide security advice and upgrade protection once the installation is complete.  

We won’t do that to you. One of our highest priorities is the security of your home automation, and we can advise you on ways to boost that to maximum effect. This might include:

  • Passwords
  • Separate and hidden networks for home automation systems
  • Enhanced router security 
  • Encrypted signals
  • Regular updates of firmware and software

Actually,  there is so much more we can do in partnership to provide you with the most secure home automation in New Zealand. So get in touch with EAV and let us ease your mind. Put that nagging question to bed, and start thinking about all the positive things that a smart home will provide to you and your family.

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