Bring the movies home with a home cinema

Movies pick us up and transport us into another world for 90 minutes (or 212 minutes if you’re watching Ben Hur). With Netflix being joined by other streaming heavyweights like Disney+ and Amazon Prime, amongst a ton of others in New Zealand, thousands of blockbusters are now at your disposal. Back when we were kids it was whatever was on at the cinema, then television, followed by VHS, DVD, Blu-ray and finally streaming. The world around us has changed how we choose to watch our films and with more new releases landing on our home screen and cinemas simultaneously most of us are more likely to interact with cinema in the comfort of our own home rather than heading out to the nearest picturehouse for an evening. 

Sure, the cinema has the added benefit of total blackout lighting, a ginormous screen and the sweet and salty smell of hot popcorn, but as technology evolves, there is no reason you can’t achieve the cinematic experience at home with EAV. How? Create your very own cinema room at home with the best technology available. 

How to watch:

We use SONY, Samsung and LG smart TVs; JVC, Oppo, SONY and Epson projectors to create a realistic home theatre. Bring ultra-high-definition visuals and audio into your cinema room and you’ll feel like you’re at the movies. At EAV we design and install audio-visual systems that are as sophisticated as they are effective. We’ll talk to you about your needs and what you want to achieve before transforming your room into a fully immersive cinema experience. A lot of our technology is superior to that used at cinemas and we can personalise our approach to suit you. 

What to watch:

With all the streaming services at your disposal, it’s sometimes tricky to know where to start. We can help by making these streaming services available on your smart TV. Need more help to find good movies? Start with IMDb’s Top 250 Movies as rated by regular IMDb voters. This is a list of the best movies since cinema began. 

When to watch:

Every day. Day and night if you wish! We’ll create a space that is perfect for watching movies at all times of day by giving you the correct lighting, sound and picture you need for those lazy movie days. 

Reach out to EAV today to start the conversation around upgrading and future-proofing your home. 

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