An Insight Into The 4Sight App

Control4 has been providing automation and networking systems for homes and businesses since the early 2000s. That was an era when smart homes were still thought of as something right out of the Jetsons, but home automation is now a reality and no company does it better than Control4  - that’s why we use their smart home systems at EAV.    

One of Control4’s biggest advantages is it is so easy to use. It is compatible with thousands of devices for audio and visual entertainment, home and business security, climate control within a building, smart locks, lighting, communication and so more. Control4 brings all of these smart home functions together and everything can be operated from its single, intuitive and sleek interface. And to make things even easier for you, it can also be controlled through the 4Sight App. This means that you can use Control4 through your smartphone, no matter where you are.   

Here are four of the biggest features of this Control4 App which is operated in conjunction with an active 4Sight subscription: 

  • Total control of your smart home right from your mobile device. Adjust your thermostats, raise the blinds, activate your door locks, check-in on your security cameras, and more. Remember, you can do all this no matter where you are. 
  • Thanks to the app, a notification can be sent directly to your smartphone to let you know that your kids have arrived home from school safely. Alerts can also notify of many other things e.g. a water leak that’s been detected in the basement, or receive a call directly to your phone when the doorbell rings. 
  • With a 4Sight subscription and Control4 App, it’s easy to assign, arrange, and edit rooms and favourite features for quick access to your preferred streaming services, frequently used rooms, favorite lighting scenes and even cameras and thermostat settings, all customized for each room.
  • The app makes it possible to enjoy your favourite streaming services and they can be controlled from the palm of your hand. You can start a media session in one room and add it to more rooms should you wish - , or queue up a completely different session in another space. Whether you’re playing the same thing throughout the house or everyone is playing their own favourites in their own  space, you can easily see and control what is playing and where. This is particularly handy if you want to discreetly monitor the streaming habits of your youngsters. 

On its own, Control4 is the essence of brilliant simplicity. With the associated app, that brilliance and ease of use is heightened. To find out more, contact us and ask about Control 4 and the 4Sight App. 

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