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Smart wiring is the common name given to structured cabling. This is the backbone of your home data, phone, internet and TV distribution and really makes for a “smart home”.

With an EAV designed and installed smart backbone, you will have the ability to send phone lines and internet to any room, or add wireless access points to strengthen your wifi network. You can easily put your smart TV onto the internet to access your emails, YouTube, internet and a host of apps. You have the ability to watch freeview TV, SKY or any other source you like on any TV in the house and be able to control it too!

Why go wired? I’ve got wifi…

Simply, wifi is convenient for portable devices like your phone, tablet or laptop but a hardwired network is still the most robust and reliable form of transmission. Don’t forget your wifi relies on a cable plugged into it!

Wifi has limitations that hardwired connections do not. Wifi is intolerant to simple items such as house structure, external influences from other wifi connections, cell phones, cordless phones and countless other issues that affect speed and quality.



With all your devices connected to your smart wiring you can watch a DVD anywhere in the house and control it via wireless remote or IR repeaters. You can enjoy online gaming without relying on wifi access and surf the internet on your TV.


Ever had a problem getting onto your wifi network in a certain part of the house? With a smart wired house you can easily add a wireless access point in that area and seamlessly create 100% coverage for easy access and trouble free surfing.


By cabling everything to a central location, changing an outlets function from phone to internet, is as easy as unplugging one patch lead and plugging in another!


With devices getting smarter all the time, a hard wired internet connection to your TV is essential for fast trouble free surfing. Using applications like Facebook, Netflix and YouTube or making Skype calls around the world is easy, and all from the comfort of your couch.