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Now with the quality of consumer AV products, the home theatre experience can be truly amazing! In fact some would argue you have a better experience in the comfort of your own theatre.

The design of a home theatre is unique to every home, and as such we treat every home theatre with the attention to detail it requires, to make it the best it can possibly be. Great gear installed haphazardly can look and sound terrible, so let EAV assist you.

A typical home theatre consists of a 5 speaker, 1 subwoofer arrangement, usually coupled with a HD TV.  Theatres can be set up in your living room, or a specifically designed room with blackout and can include:

  • 7 - 9 speakers
  • As many as 4 subwoofers
  • Tiered seating
  • A 150”+ projected HD image from the latest 4K projector
  • Star field or LED lighting
  • Acoustic baffling

...the list goes on.



Your home theatre can be an everyday part of your life in your lounge or living area so you can enjoy TV, movies and sport in surround sound.

Dedicated Design

A dedicated theatre is the ultimate in home movie experience and can become a haven for escaping reality while enjoying your favourite movies or watching sporting events like you are really there.

Smart Devices

The convenience of a single remote or smart device app allows you to control all of your devices from the comfort of the couch, watch TV, SKY, DVD movies or surf the internet all from a single touch screen interface